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1Customize Invoice PDF

Go to Settings > Invoice Settings

You can now customize your invoices under this section. Show/ Hide details on invoice like Company Logo, Payment Options, and Organization Name, Starting number, Prefix name for invoice creation, select default bank details.


AutobackupYou can also change theme for the available options as well as change the background and font colour. Click “Save” at the end.


2Email Settings

Setup reminder emails to send automatic emails for unpaid invoices, due invoices and overdue invoices. Enable Auto email sender, select receive copy of each email yourself and select frequency of days after which you want to send the particular email.



Manage default email content templates

You can also manage default email content under Email Settings > Template. Here you can change the content of different emails, insert dynamic field place holders like
My Name, My Company Name, and so on.


This will take you to the screen shown below. Here you can change the content of different emails sent automatically by the system. You can also insert dynamic field place holders like
My Name, My Company Name, Their Name and so on. This place holders get replaced with actual content while sending emails.



How to manage stock?

Go to Settings > Inventory, here you can create two type of inventory items:

  • Sale Item:Items you just want to add for invoicing purpose and don’t want to track for stock.
  • Stock Item:Items you want to add for invoicing and track it for stock control

Here you can check the list of existing inventory items, edit/ delete any item. Click “Edit” and “Delete” respectively. To add new stock, click Add > Fill in the details. Sale Price, Account and GST rate are default settings for that inventory item which makes invoice creation quickly.


To add new inventory item click Add Item button. This will open the pop up shown below.


Select “I Track” and track the inventory item for stock and reflect stock value on balance sheet. You can also show Opening Balance, Quantity and Purchase cost on the balance sheet. You can also track live-stock and update balance sheet to get the real-time view of the balance sheet.



Click “Inventory Details” to view inventory history details like current quantity, opening balance and quantity, and stock in and out.

4Toggle Features


Now turn different modules like CRM, HRM, Multi Currency and many others on and off under this section.


Enable Multi Currency feature, go to Settings > Other Settings > Currencies. You can now make invoices, bills and expenses in foreign currencies as well.

Tap “Save” at the end.

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