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Nominal Code Templates

1What is Nominal Code Template?

Want to maintain privacy of your accounting codes? If you are an Accountant you can easily create as well as assign different templates of nominal codes, so that businesses can have access to only those accounting codes permitted for them, thus maintaining privacy.

Nominal code template

2Add new Nominal Code Template

Go to My Portfolio > Nominal Code. Here, you can view master template by default. If you want to add your own template, tap Add New Template > Enter Name. You can now have access to your own accounting code template.

Nominal code template

The new template will have few default codes which cannot be deleted. If you still want to make some changes, you can alter the Nominal Account Code. As you can see in the screen the codes with locked icon are default codes which cannot be modified but you can change the name and nominal code as per the business requirements.

Nominal code template


3Add from Master Template

Master Template has few default codes which you can import to any selected template. To copy the codes to any select companies click “Import” button.

Nominal code template

Select the codes you want to import from Master Tempalte to the selected template. While importing you can also select to copy this new code to existing companies. Just select the companies to copy the selected codes and click Import Button.

4Add New Code

To add new code, tap “Add Your Code” button. A screen will pop-up where you have to enter the required details.

To add new account group, click “Plus” sign besides “Account Type” drop-down menu.
To copy this new code, select the required company from the list given.

Nominal code template

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