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1Introduction to My Portfolio

After adding business details, you land at the “My Portfolio” – default accounts page, where you can view all the business details enlisted by you along with the businesses in which you are an invited user.

Introduction to My PortfolioIf your role type is of an accountant you can view other options like Nominal Codes, Company Profile, Manage staff and roles, Manage permissions. You can also manage users under any business enlisted by you.


2Manage Users

Under manage users you can easily manage all the active/ inactive users along with their account types. Being the admin of the software, you can change permissions for any particular user by clicking on “Manage Permission” as well as invite new user to the business by simply clicking on the “Invite User” button.

Introduction to My Portfolio

3Assign Staff

If your role type is of an accountant, tap on “Assign Staff” button to assign staff from the listed staff members along with allocating or withholding any particular permission of the business details.

Introduction to My Portfolio

Click “Assign Selected Staff Members” to assign access to the selected company or Tap “Add New Staff” button to add any new staff member.

Introduction to My Portfolio

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