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Manage Staff & permissions

1Manage Staff

To manage staff, go to My Portfolio > Options. Here you can see the entire list of existing staff members and can also add new member by clicking “Add New Staff” button. You can also edit/ delete any member details. While adding a new member, you can also define permissions available for them from the “User Group” drop-down field.

Manage staff and permissions

In screen below you can enter details of staff member. You can select the user group which will define the permissions available to that staff member.

Manage staff and permissions

Once staff account is created staff member received an email with login details.

2Assign Companies To Staff Members

Assign multiple companies to a selected staff member which will make permission as well as company detail management easy for you. Simply select staff members from the list, click “Assign Company”, this will take you the company list page.

Select Company> Assign Selected company > Permission Set-up Page > Define permission level

Manage staff and permissions

Select the companies you want to assign to the selected staff member and click Assign Selected Companies button. Then you will be redirected to a permission setup page where you can define permission level for the selected staff member.

3Assign Permission

Assign different permission level to different members. Meaning of different permission levels are:

  • No Access: User will not be able to Access any functionality
  • View Only: User can only View information within the functionality but cannot alter
  • Partial Access: User can View/ Edit information within the functionality but cannot delete/ import data
  • Full Access: Can Access/ View/ Edit/ Delete/ Import/ Export any information within the functionality

Manage staff and permissions

Next, tap “Save”.

If you want to change any permission later, go to Company > Business User Group > Click Action Button > second button for Manage Permission

4Manage User Groups

Centrally manage users and assign/ change permission for staff under “User Group”.

Go to settings > User Groups > List of existing users will open


Manage staff and permissions

To Add New User Group click “Add New Group” button.

Manage staff and permissions

Once a new user group is created you can assign/change permissions accordingly for any staff.

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