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1View or Search Expenses

Go to Process > Expenses > View 5 tabs


  • Draft Tab: List of draft expenses
  • Unapproved tab: List of draft invoices marked as unapproved
  • Approved Tab: List of all approved expenses
  • Recurring Tab: List of all recurring expenses

The entire approval process can be eliminated by customization of Easy if required.

Search an expenses > Enter required details > Search by employee name or data range


2Create an Expense

Go to Processes > Expenses > Create an expense


The following screen comes up.


Fill details like Employee Name, Date of expense, Description, Nominal code and GST percentage > Save/ Submit

3Edit an Expense

You can only edit a draft or an unapproved expense. You cannot edit an approved expense.

Go to Processes > Expenses > Unapproved/ Draft tab > Click on the expense you want to edit > Edit button > Update the required details > Update button


Click on the expense you want to edit as shown below.

Click on the Edit button as shown below.


You can change the employee name, date and reference. You can add a new expense line item or delete an existing expense line item as marked in the figure below.


Click on ‘Update as unapproved’ to save the edited expense or Cancel to not save it.

You can edit an unapproved expense in a similar way.

4Delete an Expense

You can discard/delete any type of expense -draft, unapproved.

Go to Processes > Expenses > View all expenses > Select the expense > Delete buttonAutobackup

5Create Recurring Expense

Go to Processes > Expenses > Create Recurring Expense > Draft/ Submit


The following page opens up. This is same as ‘create new expense’ screen except for new fields like Frequency (weekly, Monthly, yearly etc.), create bill as (draft or submitted) and number of occurrences.


When ‘create bill as’ = draft expense, the expense is created as draft and when ‘create bill as’ = submitted expense, the expense is in ‘submitted for approval’ state.

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