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Chart of Accounts

1View Chart of Accounts

Go to Settings -> Chart of Accounts


This segment is used by the advisor/ accountant to set up the chart of accounts which contains 6 sections Assets, Expenses, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, and Inactive. One can edit/ deactivate any particular account by clicking “Edit” or “Deactivate” button.

System codes marked by lock sign cannot be deleted or deactivated, only one can change their names and codes. Click “Edit” or “Deactivate” button.


2Add New Account Code

To add new codes, click Add New Nominal Code > Fill Details > Save



For each new account code added, you can select GST rate default value. This is useful when you create invoice, bill or expense.

Note: When you select any particular nominal code software automatically selects related default GST rate for you.

3Export to Excel

Select Code > Export. This will export the selected codes into excel file which you can download later.


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